WWE Day 1 Reaction

January 1, 2022, WWE brings in the new year with their first PPV of the year. WWE is switching things up a little bit for this PPV by having it on a Saturday. The only other time we have seen them do this is on night 1 of Wrestlemania the past few years.

WWE Championship — Big E (c) vs. Seth Rollins vs. Kevin Owens vs. Bobby Lashley vs. Brock Lesnar:  Unfortunately, Roman Reigns tested positive earlier today for Covid-19 which is how Brock Lesnar was added to this match. We wish the Big Dog a speedy recovery and look forward to this fatal 5-way match now.

SmackDown Tag Team Championship — The Usos (c) vs. The New Day: These 2 teams have battled each other hundreds of times, but it never seems to get old. Going in, I know these 2 teams will put on a show like they always do.

Raw Women’s Championship — Becky Lynch (c) vs. Liv Morgan: The rivalry we didn’t know we needed. The ultimate underdog Liv Morgan, going against one of the hottest stars of the past 5 years in Big Time Becks.

Raw Tag Team Championship — RK-Bro (c) vs. The Street Profits: RK-Bro gets to test their chemistry against the tournament winning, team chemistry having Street Profits.

Edge vs. The Miz: This match has the best storyline of the entire show. These 2 men know how to get the crowd emotionally involved. I expect this to be a show-stealing kind of match.

Drew McIntyre vs. Madcap Moss: This match is missing purpose in my opinion. I know for the sake of the match, both competitors will do what needs to be done, but it will leave us asking what’s next for either man at the end.

Time to get into the results and reaction…

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Cowboys Vs. Bucs Week 1 Kickoff

The regular season is upon us and in our first game of the season, we have the defending champions, Tampa Bay Buccaneers hosting the Dallas Cowboys in our first Thursday night football game. So, without further ado, let’s dive into what my prediction for this game is.

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Top 5 Quarterbacks 21-22: Preseason Predictions

We are one week away from the regular season starting and all of the starting quarterback jobs have been announced. There were some surprising calls, but the majority of them went exactly how we expected before the mini camps were here. In this article, we will dive into who I think will be the top 5 quarterbacks this season.

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The Cam Newton Take

Cam being released came as a shock but it makes sense. Can is too high a profile of a player to be a backup for a rookie in the Patriots system. If Mac Jones struggles, the media will question when it is time for Cam to come in and replace him.

Whether the Patriots are winning or not, the cameras will pan over to Cam at least 5 times a game trying to catch his reaction. Hoping they catch him moping.

I see the best fit for Cam at this time is going to a struggling team that needs a solid insurance policy like Houston, Dallas, NYJ, or possibly the Rams to be ready in the event of injury or suspension. Can still has at least 2 more good years of service in him that a team can use to develop their future quarterback.

Keeping Up with the Fans

Professional wrestling has been seeing a shift in power over the past few months. The mega power that is WWE has been losing fans slowly, while promotions like Impact and AEW have kept their fans on the edges of their seats with their shows. What makes fans scratch their heads the most is knowing that the WWE has the capability to keep up with, if not exceed what the other companies are doing, but they are choosing not too.

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The Almost Heel Turn That Shocked the World

July 7, 1996, WCW held its annual summer pay per view Bash at the Beach. Little did the fans know we were going to see the biggest heel turn in wrestling history. I remember watching this PPV at the age of 9 in utter shock to see Hulk Hogan side with Hall and Nash to form the NWO.

The heel turn

What’s even more interesting than the actual heel turn itself now, is learning that this turn almost didn’t happen.

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Fandango is All Elite

On the 25 June, WWE announced another mass release of talent in their company. This included the Bollywood Boys, Tony Nese, Tyler Breeze and Fandango. Tyler Breeze was a huge loss, as he was an integral part of the WWE Youtube channel “UpUpDownDown”. He and Austin Creed (Xavier Woods) have each posted Instagram posts about how much they will miss each other. Fandango, his tag team partner, is also a huge loss and I think Fandango to AEW is a must have signing.

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