Top 5 Quarterbacks 21-22: Preseason Predictions

We are one week away from the regular season starting and all of the starting quarterback jobs have been announced. There were some surprising calls, but the majority of them went exactly how we expected before the mini camps were here. In this article, we will dive into who I think will be the top 5 quarterbacks this season.

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5. Lamar Jackson

Lamar Jackson is the most intriguing QB on this list. His numbers may not match the others on this list, but his impact on the field is just as dangerous. This is a contract year for him and I expect him to be in store for a big payday. The Ravens drafted him another receiver in the first round this year to help stretch the field and giving Jackson more opportunity to showcase his arm strength.

4. Josh Allen

I think Josh Allen will continue to solidify himself as a top-tier quarterback in the NFL. Another year of chemistry with Steffon Diggs will only increase the number of times they connect in the end zone. The question for Allen and the Bills this year will be how far will they go in the playoffs. They will be battling the Chiefs and Titans for the top spot and as of right now, the only thing that can take them out of the running will be injuries.

3. Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson is a staple in the top 5 every year. Last season he had the hottest start to the season among everyone else. Russell in my book is Mr. Consistency. With some drama from the offseason, all eyes will be on him and his Seahawks to see if the comments made will be “disruptive” or not. DK and Lockett are arguably one of the best WR tandems in the league and it will be interesting to see where rookie D’Wayne Eskridge fits in with them.

2. Aaron Rodgers

The reigning MVP comes into this season surrounded by drama. His hold-out was blockbuster news for the summer and having him come back to camp with this potentially being his last year in Green Bay will be one to watch. He was able to get the Packers to bring back Randle Cobb to pair with Devante Adams. I think Aaron will have a big year and this may be the year that the Packers get past the NFC Championship and meet the guy in the #1 spot on this list in the Super Bowl.

Patrick Mahomes

Mahomes is the new face of the NFL. At 25 years old, this man has shown us he came into the league ready to be a winner. Having the offseason to focus on getting healthy, I can see Mahomes and Rodgers having a shootout for MVP this year and in the Super Bowl. Mahomes is my front runner to win MVP this year because I anticipate him to have similar numbers from last year.

Honorable Mention

No QB top 5 list is complete without mentioning Tom Brady somewhere. Brady has shown us that even in his older age, he is not leaving the winners circle without a fight. Coming off Super Bowl ring #7, Brady comes into this season with the same team from last year. I think Brady will remain a top 10 QB this year, but I think these 5 guys have more to prove than he does. Lamar needs his new contract. Josh Allen is out to prove his numbers last year weren’t a fluke. Russ wants to prove that this is his team. Rodgers is out to prove his own team wrong. Mahomes is out to avenge his Super Bowl Loss.

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