NBA Finals Game 2

In game 2 in Phoenix, the Bucks try to keep from falling into a 2 game deficit. To do so, they would have to step up their offensive performance. They would need more firepower compared to what they had in game 1.

The Bucks came out strong in the first quarter. They looked like they found the formula they needed to keep up with the offensive weapons that the Suns have. The Bucks were able to hold on to a lead for the majority of the first quarter, even though the Suns hit 8 three-pointers!

The second quarter gets started and the Suns begin to pull away. Despite playing spectacular defense, Jrue Holiday cannot buy a bucket to help his team out. To make matters worse for the Bucks, Khris Middleton is struggling to put points on the board too. Phoenix on the other hand is getting exactly what they need, Booker and Paul are playing like all-stars and you have Mikal Bridges playing like an emerging all-star. The game goes to halftime with Phoenix up 56 to 45.

The 3rd quarter gets underway and it becomes the Giannis Antetokounmpo show. He stayed true to his game, putting his head down, getting to the basket, and drawing fouls. He even hit a couple of three-pointers to keep his re in the game. He scored 20 points in the third quarter, but it wasn’t enough to take the lead for the Bucks.

The fourth quarter gets started and the Suns start to close the game out. What stood out the most in the game to me was their ball movement. Nobody tried to play hero ball. They were determined to keep everyone involved and set the hottest hand up with the best shot, no matter who it was. They had a sequence in the game where they passed it 10 times to get the best shot!

The Suns won the game 118 to 108 and set a franchise record for hitting 20 three-pointers in a playoff game. The Bucks don’t have enough offensive weapons to keep up with Phoenix. Giannis finished with 42 in their losing effort, while the next closest person, Jrue Holiday, had 17 points.

For the Bucks to have a chance at winning the series, they need outstanding games from Holiday and Middleton. They both have to score a minimum of 20 points each game going forward. Anything less than that will result in a loss the way Phoenix is playing.

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