The Rise of Jungle Boy

Jungle Boy showed why he is the future of wrestling at AEW Double or Nothing
by Hamish

Jungle Boy showed on Sunday at AEW Double or Nothing why he is the future superstar of wrestling.
The young wrestler, real name Jack Perry, won the Casino Battle Royale and earned himself a shot at Kenny Omega’s AEW Championship. He entered with the last 5 entrants before the Joker card, and the fan reaction showed exactly who the big star of the match was.
Perry is the son of the late actor Luke Perry, but has distanced himself from his father with his character of the Wild Man, inspired by Tarzan. He has paired himself with the imposing Luchasaurus and the less than imposing Marko Stunt, as the team known as Jurassic Express.

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Eastern Conference Playoff Picture

The first set of play in games have been played, building the bottom portion of the eastern conference playoff picture. The Indiana Pacers played host to the Charlotte Hornets followed by the Boston Celtics hosting the Washington Wizards.

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Wrestlemania Backlash Reaction

First match of the night for Backlash is Rhea Ripley defending the Raw Women’s Championship against Asuka and Charlotte Flair in a triple threat match. Charlotte comes out giving Cruella Devil vibes with her gear and using great heel mannerisms to get under the skin of her 2 opponents before the bell rings. All 3 women came out swinging hard, Ripley and Asuka teaming up to dish punishment to Charlotte. Their alliance doesn’t last long as the animosity between those two is brought back to the surface. The fight spills out to the floor allowing Charlotte to hit her patented moonsault on Ripley and Asuka. The fight heads back into the ring where Charlotte plans on a second dive off the top rope, but she was met by both Asuka and Rhea who hit a top rope superplex on her. All 3 women get to their knees and exchange punches. Charlotte hits a double natural selection on both opponents and scores a 2 count when pinning both women at the same time. A flurry of offense leads to a mad dash from Asuka trying to get one of her opponents to tap out to the Asuka lock. Asuka knocks Charlotte to the apron and runs into a big boot. Askua staggers back form being stunned by that big boot to be put in a riptide by Ripley for the win.

And Still Raw Women’s Champion
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Wrestlemaia Backlash Predictions

Tonight we get ready for the latest PPV from WWE, Wrestlemania Backlash.

First Match on deck: Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler Vs. Rey an Dominic Mysterio for the Smackdown Tag Team Championship

WWE WrestleMania Backlash 2021: Matches & Predictions |

In an attempt to make history, Rey and Dominic find themselves as the challengers to the smackdown tag team championship. This match has the potential to be one to steal the show given the participants. Ziggler and Mysterio always go out with intentions to give the crowd something to talk about and I don’t see his match being any different. I am picking the Mysterio family to take the titles tonight. Ziggler and Roode make a great team, but they can also be used in singles competition. Also, having the Mysterio family win here, it sets up an opportunity to see them get involved with the Usos with a Jimmy returning last week.

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Money on the Line

The stage is set for the biggest fight of Floyd Mayweather’s career and I do not mean this in regards to his record.

Sunday June 6, Floyd is set to take on Logan Paul in a boxing match. In this fight, there is more on the line for Floyd than Logan in my opinion. Allow me to paint the 2 scenarios for you to explain my point.

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Top 5 Draft Busts

Draft bust; noun; A draft bust is a highly touted or highly selected draftee that does not meet expectations. They are evaluated as one of, if not the best prospect in their draft and they turn out to be less than expected. In this writing, we will explore the top 5 draft busts that were booted out of the NFL all together.

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Top 5 NFL Draft Steals

With the NFL Draft less than a week away, we wanted to dive into some of the biggest draft steals in NFL history. For some reason these players were skipped over for multiple rounds, only to go onto to up big numbers and lead their teams to hoisting the Lombardy Trophy.

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