Game 1 of the NBA Finals

Tuesday, July 6, 2021, the Phoenix Suns hosted the Milwaukee Bucks for game 1 of the NBA Finals. Giannis went from doubtful to playing in this game and his team needed every minute he gave them.

Both teams were evenly matched in the first quarter as they were feeling each other out. From the second quarter on though, Phoenix was in control and kept their foot on the gas. The crowd was incredibly difficult, making it hard for the Bucks from the opening tip to the final seconds of the game.

Chris Paul, Devin Booker, and Deandre Ayton were phenomenal. They combined for 81 of the Suns 118 points and Ayton racked up 19 rebounds for his team.

Giannis and his team played well, they just didn’t have an answer for Phoenix. They cut their deficit down to 9 in the 3rd quarter, but they couldn’t get enough momentum to capitalize on this. Giannis and Middleton combined for 49 points.

In order for the Bucks to take game 2, they need a 3rd offensive option to show up. Their defense is going to have to take one of the Phoenix big 3 out of their game. If they cannot make these adjustments, they are going to be in danger of getting swept.

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