XFL Week 2

Another week in the Smackdown Hotel and I’m still hooked on the quality of games the XFL is providing us. The AJ McCarron story is taking fans by storm showing us all what really matters in life. For those that missed his story, McCarron took a massive pay cut to leave the NFL to play in the XFL so that his kids could see him play, I’ll link the full story at the end of this for you all. Now, time to wipe the tears from our eyes and get into some game highlights.

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Opening Weekend

Finally… The XFL. Has comeback…… With quality games.

This weekend was the opening weekend for the XFL and I think the old saying is right, the third time is the charm. The games looked like the football games we are used to with the NFL and they brought in some names we remembered to give us that feeling of familiarity. Let’s dive into the 4 games played this weekend.

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2022 – 2023 NFL Awards Predictions

The NFL season starts today, so what better time would it be to predict who will win the end of the year awards. Let’s dive into who will win MVP, Rookie of the Year, Defensive player of the year, and Comeback player of the year.

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NXT Worlds Collide

Here we are for round 2 of a WWE-filled weekend. NXT World’s Collide brings us the unification of NXT and NXT UK while we wait for the formation of NXT Europe in 2023. With the introduction out of the way, let’s dive into the action.

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Clash at the Castle Reaction

Saturday, September 3, 2022, Cardiff, Wales plays host to WWE for Clash at the Castle. Below I will cover the action as it happens. Without further ado, let’s dive into the show.

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NFC East 2022 Predictions

The 2022 – 2023 season is upon us. Time to make bold predictions, and fantasy picks, and time to see what parlays you can get on Draft Kings. Over the next week, I will take a look at each division and make my bold predictions on who I think will go where.

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Signs of Implosion?

AEW came on the scene in January 1, 2019 and they shot to the moon. With the likes of Omega, Cody, and the Young Bucks, Tony Khan and crew set out to make an alternative place for wrestlers to go outside of the WWE. Everything was going well. They were selling big numbers for their PPVs, they locked in contracts with Turner to get their product on TV and it was off to the races. We fast forward to 3 years later and there are cracks in the foundation creating cause for second guessing.

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Dawn of the New Era

We are still within the first month of Triple H taking over as the head of creative and he has hit the ground running. He has the superstars looking forward to coming to work again, he is rebuilding his staff again, and he has the fans on the edges of our seats wondering what is going to happen from show to show. Like we always do, let’s dive deeper into this.

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3 Titles That Need to Return to WWE

With the roster WWE has now, they should revisit the idea of having combined titles. With the tag titles being unified and the WWE title being unified with the universal title, we are seeing talent being lost in the crowd. If we were to bring back 3 titles, we will see more superstars having something to go for.

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Evolution of the G.O.A.T.

The Greatest of All Time

  • Grand Slam Tournament Finals: 33 (23–10), Women’s doubles: 14 (14–0), Mixed doubles: 4 (2–2)
  • 4 Olympic Medals: 3 Doubles Gold(2000, 2008, and 2012) and 1 Singles Gold (2012)
  • 192–34 (85.0%) Doubles Record
  • 855–153 (84.8%) Singles Record

She has done it all to dominate her sport and now, Serena Williams is ready to move on to the next phase in her career, retiring from playing this year.

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