Dawn of the New Era

We are still within the first month of Triple H taking over as the head of creative and he has hit the ground running. He has the superstars looking forward to coming to work again, he is rebuilding his staff again, and he has the fans on the edges of our seats wondering what is going to happen from show to show. Like we always do, let’s dive deeper into this.

Exciting Place to Work

As a fan, you can tell when the superstars are just going through the motions versus when they are really enjoying what they do. Example number one is Kevin Owens. You can see the difference in his matches in the span of this month. Before Triple H took over, KO was stuck in a stale feud with Ezekiel weekly. It was the same motions repeated in a loop. Zeke comes out to speak, KO comes out to call him a liar, a match happens, and neither guy is happy. We see them back the following Monday doing the same thing again.

Under new management, KO is showing more focus. He can get in the ring with Drew McIntyre and Chad Gable, who put on a wrestling clinic. His promos hit harder than they were when he was coming out calling Zeke a liar and wanting him to take all kinds of tests to prove he wasn’t Elias. Another good example of this is Dolph Ziggler. He went from creative not having anything for him to being added into multiple stories and as stated earlier, putting on clinics with Finn Balor and Theory to remind us of who he is and why he is there again. If only there were more titles for these guys to go for to reward them for said work (3 Titles WWE Should Bring Back).

Rebuilding the Brand

Along with bringing back IO Sky, Dakota Kai, Karrion Kross, Scarlett, Hit Row, Dexter Lumis, and now Johnny Gargano, Triple H is putting his team (Shawn Michaels and Road Dogg) in very prominent positions again. What this means for the fans is we have people who spent 10 or more years in the ring as performers running the show. They are fans just like us and know what spots to put the right people in. When you have a management team people want to work for, it makes it easy for the superstars that were released or let their contracts expire to come back.

Within 30 days, we have seen roughly 10 superstars come back and we are not even close to the Royal Rumble. One can only sit back and imagine what kinds of surprises we can expect when we get to the 30-man and 30-woman battle royals. Every entrant is going to be important and every fan is going to be on the edge of their seat expecting every spot to be a return we heard about on the internet. That’s just what we do.

Fun for the Fans Again

This brings me to my final talking point. With the new material not being stale anymore, the fans are having fun again. It has been a long time since I have watched Raw and I didn’t want to walk away from the TV worried about missing something. Storylines make sense again. We have been clamoring for WWE to resign all of our favorite superstars who have walked away from the company and not only have they done that, they have brought them in with purpose. Inserting Karrion Kross in the McIntyre and Reigns feud is useful. This wildcard is waiting for both of them like a beast waiting for its next meal.

With reinvigorated superstars, a happier staff writing better material, and excited fans WWE is in a position to win the hearts of the fans again. Fans are clamoring for matches again and waiting for superstars to cross paths with each other so that we can see their interactions (like the first time Ciampa and Gargano are in the ring or a backstage segment together). Triple H is off to a fantastic start and it appears to only go up from here.

And if you aren’t down with that…….

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