Opening Weekend

Finally… The XFL. Has comeback…… With quality games.

This weekend was the opening weekend for the XFL and I think the old saying is right, the third time is the charm. The games looked like the football games we are used to with the NFL and they brought in some names we remembered to give us that feeling of familiarity. Let’s dive into the 4 games played this weekend.

Vegas Vipers vs. Arlington Renegades

The first game of the weekend brought us the drama early. The game started a little slow like a Steelers and Ravens game normally does, but The Renegades’ offense came to life in the second half. Vegas wasn’t going to just let them run away with the lead though. They were able to put together a last-minute drive to potentially take the game into overtime. A miss on the 2-point conversion kept them from sending the game into overtime, giving the Arlington Renegades their first win of the season.

Orlando Guardians vs. Houston Roughnecks

The Guardians started out in control of this game. Paxton Lynch was on a mission to show the world he belonged in the NFL. That was all going according to plan until Wade Phillips and his defense figured the Guardians out. Once they put the clamps on The Guardians, the Roughnecks were able to run the score up leading to their first win of the season. Look out Houston, y’all have a team with a winning record.

St. Louis Battlehawks vs. San Antonio Brahmas

Continuing with the same theme of the early game from Saturday, The Battlehawks and The Brahmas brought the drama to the field. The first 3 quarters were defensive highlights each coach could hang their hat on. Both defenses kept their opposing offenses out of the endzone until late in the third quarter when The Brahmas struck first. Going into the 4th quarter, The Brahmas had the win secured. At least they thought they did. With 5 minutes left in the game, AJ McCarron turned into Superman. He threw for 130 yards and 2 touchdowns to bring the Battlehawks back for the victory.

Seattle Sea Dragons vs. DC Defenders

Game 4 of the opening weekend provided the best closing you could ask for in a debut for the season. It was a back-and-forth game from the start. Both teams wanted to solidify the win for their team this week. The biggest thing I learned from the Sea Dragons this week is that Ben Dinucci and Josh Gordon is a pairing I didn’t know I needed to see. You can tell Gordon is the primary receiver and it is for good reason. Unfortunately for the Sea Dragons, it was not enough to get the win. A fumble recovery on the two-yard line sealed the win for the Defenders this opening weekend.

In conclusion, if this is what the XFL has to offer this go around, they will definitely be here to stay. I can smell what the Rock is cooking with this investment.

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