2022 – 2023 NFL Awards Predictions

The NFL season starts today, so what better time would it be to predict who will win the end of the year awards. Let’s dive into who will win MVP, Rookie of the Year, Defensive player of the year, and Comeback player of the year.

Comeback Player of the Year

This one is the easiest one for me to pick. I have to go with Jameis Winston. Before tearing his ACL in week 8 last season, Jameis threw for 1,170 yards, 14 touchdowns, and only 3 interceptions. Coming back to the Saints with weapons around hime like Mike Thomas, Alvin Kamara, Jarvis Landry, and Mark Ingram, Jameis has the opportunity to show the NFL what he is capable of. The Saints have made moves this off-season to win now and I think Jameis has his best shot to get to the Super Bowl this year.

Defensive Player of the Year

This award is a lot more difficult to pick. I’m going with Joey Bosa from the Los Angeles Chargers. Adding Khalil Mack this off season gives Bosa more help and takes a lot of attention off him. Last year Bosa recorded 10.5 sacks, I can see him easily increasing that to 12 or 13 with the help he has.

Rookie of the Year

My prediction for this award comes in with the lowest expectations, but he has already made a name for himself. George Pickens. Pickens was taken as the 52nd pick overall by the Steelers in round 2 of this year’s draft and we already have a highlight reel of him pushing DBs to the ground. It is also important to point out that he is the only rookie in the starting lineup for the Steelers.


Much like his teammate Joey Bosa, who I predict to be defensive player of the year, I think Justin Herbert has a team around him that is setup to win now. Last year Herbert threw for 5,014 yards, 38 touchdowns, and only 15 interceptions. The only way he won’t do that again will be him suffering an injury. The only stat I think he needs to work on is decreasing his interceptions. We drop that by 3 at the least and Herbert is a lock.

With that being said… LETS GET READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!!!

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