NXT Worlds Collide

Here we are for round 2 of a WWE-filled weekend. NXT World’s Collide brings us the unification of NXT and NXT UK while we wait for the formation of NXT Europe in 2023. With the introduction out of the way, let’s dive into the action.

Ricochet Vs. Carmelo Hayes for the North American Championship

The first match of the show brings us Ricochet coming back to NXT to challenge Carmelo Hayes for the North American Championship. The 2 go back and forth showcasing their athletic ability as they counter move after move. After 2 minutes of battling for position, the 2 men stare each other down as the crowd chants “NXT” as their way of saying they are pleased with the action out the gate.

The action spills to the outside and Trick Williams makes his presence felt by trying to distract Ricochet. He fails to get the full attention of Ricochet as he feels Carmelo walking up on him. With the assistance of a fan sitting ringside, Ricochet lights Carmelo’s chest up with a chop.  Both men get back in the ring and they take turns trying to clothesline each other. neither man is able to get the advantage over the other, so after another standoff, they both go for a crossbody off the second rope and crash in the middle of the ring.

Ricochet gets a near fall after Carmelo shows frustration from his failed pin attempt. Ricochet hits Carmelo with a kick right behind the ear followed by a standing poisonrana. Seeing Carmelo down, Ricochet sees an opportunity to put Hayes away until Trick Williams inserts himself in the match one more time by jumping on the apron trying to strike Ricochet with the title. The time Ricochet takes to get rid of Williams is enough time for Carmelo to roll out of the way of a shooting star press and catch Ricochet with a schoolboy roll-up to retain his title.

Pretty Deadly Vs. Gallus Vs. Briggs and Jensen Vs. The Creed Brothers to Unify the NXT UK Tag Team and NXT Tag Team Championships

Once the Creed Brothers hit the ring, a melee breaks out. 5 referees have to step in to break up the action and get order so that they can officially start the match. Once order is restored, the match gets underway. Pretty Deadly tries to keep their distance to start off. Before any team can really get an advantage, we see a fight break out on the outside between Lash Legend and Tesha Price.

After they clear the ring of the 2 ladies, we get back into the action to see our first elimination. Jensen and Briggs were eliminated by Gallus. After the elimination, we see Pretty Deadly try to join forces with Gallus to eliminate the Creed Brothers together. The 4 men jump the 2 brothers and dump them out of the ring, leading to a face-off between Pretty Deadly and Gallus. The Creed Brothers return to the fight to eliminate Gallus.

We are down to Pretty Deadly and The Creed Brothers. Julius Creed shows some amazing athleticism by leaping onto the top rope and landing a back flip over his opponent to hit a suplex. The referee has to slide out of the ring to get a better view of the pin and it cost him. As he is getting ready to go back in the ring, a fight between Gallus and Briggs and Jesen makes its way back to the ring squashing the ref. Pretty Deadly tries to use a chair to get the advantage, but Damon Kemp makes the save. Or so we thought he did. As soon as Julius was about to go for his finishing clothesline, Kemp smashes the chair on Julius’ back costing the Creed Brothers the titles.

Blair Davenport Vs. Meiko Satomura Vs. Mandy Rose to unify the NXT UK Women’s Championship and NXT Women’s Championship

The match starts with Davenport and Rose working together to attack Meiko. They show good chemistry until they start fighting over who gets the pin. The 3 women exchange pin attempts, with each woman trying a different roll-up on the other. Davenport and Rose dispose of Satomura for the moment to focus on fighting each other in the ring. The fight spills out of the ring and Davenport takes Mandy Rose out by jumping on her back from the steel steps.

We get back in the ring for a faceoff between Satomura and Davenport. Meiko gets the better of Davenport and dumps her out of the ring, then challenges Mandey Rose to get in the ring with her next. Rose and Satomura exchange strikes in the middle of the ring. Satomura begins to laugh and take pleasure in the fight between her and Mandy. Davenport inserts herself back in the match to keep her championship hopes alive. Mandy is able to withstand some damage and hit Meiko and Blair with her running knee to pull out the victory.

Carter and Chance Vs. Doudrop and Nikki A.S.H for the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship

We see Carter and chance defending their championships against their biggest and most experienced challengers yet when they face Doudrop and Nikki A.S.H. Duodrop has a size advantage over both of her opponents and she uses it well. Each move she lands looks so powerful when she is in the ring with Katana Chance. Doudrop and Nikki show their experience by cutting the ring off and isolating Katana.

Katana is able to break free and reach Kayden carter for the hot tag. Carter is able to get a little bit of offense going, but the experience of Doudrop is too much for her to take full advantage of the tag. Doudrop gets back in control of the match only to be distracted by Toxic attraction coming out. Nikki A.S.H. tries to fend them off, but the distraction allows Carter and Chance to double Doudrop to get the pin. Nikki A.S.H. tries to make the save, but she is held by Toxic Attraction to prevent the save.

Bron Breakker vs. Tyler Bate to unify the NXT UK Championship and NXT Championship

It is now time for the main event. Both men come to the ring knowing the history they represent with each title. As Bate is walking to the ring, we see a video of each man who has held the NXT UK Championship put on the wall. The 2 men start the match off with a lockup and you can see the size difference between the 2 right away.

Breakker looks like a combination of his father and uncle in the ring. He has the strength of the Steiners but adds some agility when he hits a standing moonsault in the ring. He is only able to get a 2 count from this move though. The action spills outside and Tyler Bate gets the advantage by landing a suicide dive over the top rope on Breakker. The action gets back in the ring where Bates misses a standing shooting star press.

Breakker takes advantage of this mistake with another attack showing off his power. Bate is Ble to get one more run at offense and he throws every shot he has at Breakker. Bate goes for one final move off the ropes and is met by a spear that sealed the match for Breakker.



This was a solid show to unify the 2 brands. Ricochet and Carmelo stole the show in my opinion. Every match delivered what they were expected to deliver, but these 2 were on a missin to burn the ring down and they did just that.

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