NFC East 2022 Predictions

The 2022 – 2023 season is upon us. Time to make bold predictions, and fantasy picks, and time to see what parlays you can get on Draft Kings. Over the next week, I will take a look at each division and make my bold predictions on who I think will go where.

New York Giants

Last season: 4 – 13. I don’t see much of a change for this year either. This is a make or break year for Daniel Jones and I think he will come out on the broken side.  I can see the Giants winning 5 games at the most, if they can sweep the Commanders this year. Saquan will be in the middle of a redemption year, but it will not be enough to make a big difference.

Washington Commanders

Another year for the team in DC to have a new name. Along with the new name, they bring in another new quarterback, Carson Wentz. This move looks very familiar. A QB that started their career in Philly and made their way to DC. They will be in a battle with the Giants for last place in the division. I can see the Commanders getting 3rd place over the Giants by 1 game due to them having a better QB.

Dallas Cowboys

Here we are another year of Cowboys fans thinking they are going to the Super Bowl. Dak is serviceable as a QB and Zeke has proven to be overrated after getting that big contract. With that being said, they are in a weak division. I see them getting to second place in the division, but not farther than Wild card weekend if they make the playoffs this year.

Philadelphia Eagles

To round out the NFC East, we have the Eagles. They have the best schedule of the NFC East and the most complete team. Jalen Hurts is settling into this offense more and is  reminding people of the leader he was in Alabama and Oklahoma. I have the Eagles winning the division. I see them winning 12 to 13 games and hosting a team in Wild Card weekend.

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