Money on the Line

The stage is set for the biggest fight of Floyd Mayweather’s career and I do not mean this in regards to his record.

Sunday June 6, Floyd is set to take on Logan Paul in a boxing match. In this fight, there is more on the line for Floyd than Logan in my opinion. Allow me to paint the 2 scenarios for you to explain my point.

Scenario 1: Logan loses. Everyone will talk about it for 5 minutes, then it will be forgotten. People will cheer that Logan finally got beat and hope it silences him, but nobody will be shocked. It is the expected outcome. Floyd is a trained professional. He is 50 – 0. He has been boxing for over 20 years. He should win the fight.

Scenario 2: This is the one that will break the internet. Floyd loses. Floyd’s personal image will be intact for the most part. He will be 50 – 1 and his only loss comes after he retired. However, his loss will do more harm to the boxing world than anything else. Can you imagine how many other YouTube and social media stars are going to come out making the same claims as the Paul brothers and challenging professional athletes? If sports fans are tired of the Paul brothers now, them taking down the credibility of trained boxers will make them that much more annoying.

Floyd has to win this fight. Convincingly. We need a knockout. I know it has been 10 years since the last time Floyd won by knockout, but this is where he needs to show us he still has it. When the fight takes place, I will be on the money team for the state of the sport of boxing.

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