Fan Responsibilty

This week We had 3 separate incidents where “fans” ended up getting banned from NBA arenas indefinitely because of their ridiculously dumb behavior.

Three people were banned for using making vulgar and racial comments to harass the parents of Ja Morant in Utah. Another person was banned in Philadelphia for dumping popcorn on Russell Westbrook while he was walking into the locker room to have his injury looked at. And finally a third person was banned in New York for spitting on Trae Young.

I’m all for talking trash to the opposing team. You want to throw them off their game so that your team wins. Makes perfect sense. There are lines you don’t cross though. At the end of the day, these are still people. They have feelings just like us and if they were to retaliate, I’m sure those people who started the altercation would want the athlete to be punished.

Because of the outlandish acts, we here at Halftime Fan Banter do not consider these people to be fans. They chose to go to these games to be disruptive. A real fan would not be comfortable paying hundreds to thousands of dollars to be thrown out of a game and banned from the arena.

Real fans know when they go to a sporting event, there are lines they cannot cross. I am a die hard Hornets fan. I want them to beat the Hawks when they play too. I’ll make while the Hawks are trying to concentrate, I’ll throw out an occasional “you suck” even if they really don’t, and I’ll go home whether my Hornets win or lose respecting everyone on that court for putting on a show for my entertainment.

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