WWE/NJPW Potential Partnership

As reported by Dave Meltzer, WWE is working in establishing a partnership with NJPW.

This can be the beginning of WWE coming into the new phase of pro wrestling. New Japan is the perfect promotion for WWE to start working with too. They have an established following of their own and by being in Japan, they aren’t direct competition with WWE here in the US.

Click on NJPW logo for original story

The mathups we can get from this partnership can be explosive. Especially Tama Tonga vs. Roman Reigns. The 2 of them have planted seeds on social media and it would be an easy storyline to build. All you need is to have some NJPW stars attack at the end of a PPV, like SummerSlam for example. You can use it to build a WWE vs. NJPW Survivor Series.

I hope this isn’t the only promotion they open doors for. I’d love to see some work with others like New Texas Pro Wrestling, Major League Wrestling, and Reality of Wrestling that can give us a Nexus invasion vibe. A matchup between Mysterious Q and Randy Orton can be a match of the year candidate. You could also see the likes of Hyan and the Pink Dream Alex Gracia go against Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair.

I think WWE opening up to work with other promotions is going to do big numbers. It can give their big stars more exposure, their under utilized talent chances to step up to the next level, and expand their market. Sounds like a huge win in my books.

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