Best Trade for Ben Simmons

This post season has shown us that Philly needs a new process. We have given the process a chance and unfortunately it doesn’t work as constructed. The best thing the 76ers can do now is trade one of their stars and that star is Ben Simmons.

His Production this post season, specifically in the game against the Hawks, he did not play like a leading superstar. He played an average of 35 minutes a game and only averaged 10 points a game. This wasn’t from him having cold streaks when shooting, it was from a lack of shooting.

Game 2 against Atlanta, he went 2-3 for 4 points while being on the court for 35 minutes. He repeated this same feat in games 5, 6, and 7 Of this same series. When you are on the brink of elimination, you want you superstars to show up and leave it all on the court.

Ben Simmons passes up on open dunk

With plays like the one above, it makes it hard to believe that Ben Simmons is the point guard they need in Philly. There is clearly something wrong with that setup for him. The best thing for both sides is for the 76ers to trade him and get them a point guard that is willing to shoot a little more than 6 times a game. The question is what trade makes the most sense.

The best trade for both parties is one with the Warriors. I think a fair package for the Warriors to give up is the number 14 pick in this years draft and Andrew Wiggins. This gives them a one for one swap on the cap hit for both teams and the 76ers can use the 14th pick to get another guard. They still have Seth Curry for 2 more seasons and can look at picking DeMar DeRozan, Kyle Lowry, or Derrick Rose in the upcoming free agency. The Warriors are in the western conference, so you don’t have to worry about seeing Ben in the playoffs, they are the best option out there in my book.

For the Warriors, this move is a no brainer. As long as you don’t have to give up Steph, Klay, or Draymond, adding Ben Simmons would be a decent improvement to your roster. Simmons would have the freedom to improve his game without having to be the main star. This would be the starting lineup for Golden State with the proposed trade: Steph, Klay, Simmons, Draymond, and Wiseman. You have 2 defensive players of the year on the same team with 2 of the best shooters to ever step foot on the court! Steve Kerr would become my preseason favorite to win coach of the year with this team.

With this possibility, this offseason is setup to be very entertaining.

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